Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer's Almost Gone

Brutal Supremacy 2 x 7" comp is being mastered in October. Shooting for year end release. All tracks are done.

There will also be a "lost" track on the upcoming Iron Lung Records compilation.

Soul Swallower - Devour lp also being mastered shortly.

No shows.

Monday, July 19, 2010


1)split with slang for mailorder

2) an interview about mind eraser

3) Innuerable Forms is touring the east coast for a week starting 7/26.

4) Mind Eraser Aug. 28 in NY with Negative Approach

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cat Kills Wolf...


Here's shows our crew is ripping @ Chaos. I highlighted the good shit.

May 27. Thursday at Emo's (outside) ($18)
Crow (japan)-12:00-12:45
Talk is Poison-11:15-11:45
Wasted Time-10:35-11:00

Kyklooppein Sukupuutto (Finland)-9:50-10:20

Mind Eraser-8:30-9:00
Mother Of Mercy-7:45-8:15

Friday day show at Beerland ($8)
Wasted Time-5:45-6:15
Acid Reflux-4:25-4:50
Hatred Surge-3:00-3:30

May 28, Friday at Emo's (2 stages) (sold out)
Bastard ( time reunion) 1:00-1:45
Subhumans (england)-11:15-12:00
Rival Mob-10:30-11:00

the Marked Men-9:30-10:15
Kim Phuc-8:45-9:15

Sat Morning breakfast show at Thunderbird Coffee (11am)
Iron Lung

Sat day show at Beerland ($10)
Crow (Japan)-5:10-5:55
Waste Management-4:30-4:55

Axeman -3:45-4:15
Night Siege-3:00-3:30

Sat at Emo's (inside) ($15)
Inquisition (columbia)-11:15-12:00
Bone Awl-10:30-11:00
Twin Stumps-9:10-9:30

Sat at Emo's (outside) (sold out)
Poison Idea-1:00-1:45
the Pist-12:00-12:45
Slang (japan)-11:15-11:45

Wild Thing-9:45-10:15
La Urss (spain)-9:00-9:30

Sunday at Emo's (outside) ($20)
Bastard Noise (Wood,Connell and Nelson)-11:10-11:50
Give -8:45-9:05
Mammoth Grinder 8:00-8:30
(this one's kind of an underrated gig if you ask me)

  • May 31st Dallas,TX the Prophet Bat w/ Subhumans,Cross Stitched Eyes and Unit 21 (NO MIND ERASER)

  • June 1st Dallas,TX at the Phoenix Project (406 S. Haskell st.) w/ Mind Eraser,Tolar and Power Trip (NO SLANG)
  • June 2nd St Louis,MO at Fubar (3108 Locust St) w/ MInd Eraser,Cardiac Arrest and Suburban Smash
  • June 3rd Milwaukee,WI at the Eagles Nest (825 east center st) w/ Mind Eraser
  • June 4th Chicago,IL w/ Mind Eraser
  • June 5th Detroit,MI at the Corktown Tavern w/ Mind Eraser,Nightbringer,Final Assualt and Disconnected
  • June 6th Cleveland,OH at Now That's Class w/ Mind Eraser,Inmates,Pigsticker and Mad Minds
  • June 7th Pittsburgh,PA at the Helter Shelter w/ Mind Eraser,Ecoli and Kim Phuc
  • June 8th Albany,NY at Valentines w/ Mind Eraser,Brain Killer,Coughing Fit,Pointblank and Damnation Ally
  • June 9th Brooklyn,NY at Death By Audio w/ Mind Eraser,Nomos and Rival Mob
  • June 10th Boston,MA at the Mass Art w/ World Burns to Death and Mind Eraser
We are not playing the following shows but go see SLANG anyway
  • June 11th Providence,RI at AS220 w/ World Burns to Death,Neon Bitches,Cough and Elder
  • June 12th NYC,NY at the Cake Shop w/ World Burns to Death,Absurd System and Perdition
  • June 13th Philadelphia,PA at the First Unitarian Church w/ World Burns to Death,Blacklisted,Blood Bomber and Cobra Lung
  • June 14th OFF
  • June 15th Baltimore,MD at the Barclay House (2101 Barclay St) w/ World Burns to Death,the Wankys and Lotus Fucker and Chaos Destroy
  • June 16th Richmond,VA Plaza Bowl w/ World Burns to Death,Wasted Time,Skin Like Iron,Pollution,White Lung and Dry Spell
  • June 17th Raleigh,NC at Ahhh Peele Art Gallery w/ World Burns to Death
  • June 18th Atlanta,GA at 585 Wells st w/ World Burns to Death,American Cheeseburger and Bukkake Boys
  • June 19th New Orleans,LA at the Hiho lounge w/ World Burns to Death and Bastard Noise
  • June 20th Houston,TX at the Mink w/ World Burns to Death
  • June 21st Austin,TX at the Mohawk w/ World Burns to Death,Unit 21 and Criaturas

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ageless figures are linking their minds.

Tour Dates w/ Slang draw near. Chaos en Tejas draw nearer. The Nu Scene will be represented via Mind Eraser, Waste Management, The Rival Mob, Viper, and Scapegoat throughout the long weekend. You already know who the big names are this year. We are not available for other shows this spring prior to that other than the ones that are announced.

Mind Eraser should have a tour split out with Slang by that time, and hopefully the Brutal Supremecy 2x7" as well.

Justin's long delayed solo debut Innumerable Forms is out now as a 3 song 7". Total DEATH METAL.
Hear here:
Buy here:

See us stick out like a sore thumb at United Blood with a special guest.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Summer Vacation Plans

Mind Eraser + Slang summer 2010 tour dates:

  • May 27th to the 30th Austin,TX at chaos in tejas fest
  • May 31st OFF
  • June 1st Dallas or Denton,TX
  • June 2nd St Louis,MO
  • June 3rd Milwaukee,WI
  • June 4th Chicago,IL
  • June 5th Ann Arbor,MI
  • June 6th Cleveland,OH
  • June 7th Pittsburgh,PA
  • June 8th Albany,NY
  • June 9th Brooklyn,NY
  • June 10th Boston,MA w/ World Burns to Death and Mind Eraser

tour continues June 11 - 20th with World Burns To Death filling our slot. For those not in the know, SLANG have been a hardcore band from Japan since 1987. This is their first US Tour, come have a look.

Before that:

  • March 13th in Montreal w/ From Ashes Rise
  • March 27 @ United Blood Fest with The Rival Mob and Madball
  • Brutal Supremecy 2 x 7" (almost done)

Also this year:

  • New The Rival Mob 7"
  • New No Tolerance 7"s
  • New Innumerable Forms 7"
  • New Waste Management cassette
  • New Mentally Challenged 12"
  • New Obliteration 7"
  • New Deth Warr cassette

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a little new merch

we have a NEW SHIRT you can mailorder, as well as an old one.

shows in the spring and summer? maybe