Monday, November 5, 2007

list of all releases and misc. recordings

will update this list as needed. i've uploaded music for any non-album release here. it's yours - take it. also you'll find illustrations of most of the releases.

LAST UPDATE: 01/02/09


demo 2003 a.d. tape - painkiller 1.5 - 2003

  • various brands of tapes used, covers printed on parchment style paper, some are stamped on the inside, probably 200-300 made. performances and recording are abysmal and we hate them.

cave advance tape - self - 2004 (master copy = lost)

  • 50 made, unmastered/alternate mix versions of songs on cave. sold as a promo w/ xerox cover.

enslaved and obliterated demo - self - 2004

  • recorded july 2004 before cave had actually come out, but about 3 months after it was recorded. these songs eventually were re-recorded for glacial reign but these versions have a grimey brit-core demo type "production". never officially released but passed around to friends and via file sharing in 3 and 5 song editions.

summer '05 demo - self - 2005

  • 5 more glacial reign demo versions recorded in july of that year. never officially released but also passed around to friends and via file sharing.

live in columbus ohio 9-11-05 - maim and disfigure - 2005

  • zac davis released this as a limited cd-r on his label maim and disfigure. the recording was made on a tape recorder and can best be described as "no-fi". i believe the description mentioned something about crossed out recorded behind a washing machine. if only the performance was that good. hand made covers, numbered out of 20, allegedly thurston moore owns a copy.

live in toronto cd-r - self - 2007

  • soundboard recording from fucked up's halloween weekend in toronto. we played a long set including sabbath, siege, and AF covers. covers were made with various color combos, and a photo of voivod on them, probably around 50 made.

glacial demos cd-r - self - 2007 (downloads above)

  • made at the same time as the toronto cd-r, when we had nothing to sell at shows. this compiles the enslaved and obliterated demo and the summer 05 demo. xeroxed cover in various color combos, probably about 20 made.

vomit noize summer 2007 cd-r - self - 2007

  • finished recordings were not ready when initially planned so these were sold on our tour with scapegoat. the first 3 songs are a rehearsal from early spring 2007 with vocals recorded over them. track 4 is a new version of Finished which was recorded for a WFMU session around the same time. track 5 is a new song recorded off-air on the same day at WFMU. finished versions of these tracks will appear on upcoming releases. probably 40 or 50 made. the link above contains the 4 new songs. to hear the redone version of finished please click below or use this link: wfmu: broadcast set.

8 track cartridge - welfare - 2007

  • this is an 8-track cart released by welfare records in haverhill. it contains our live set from toronto (which may be downloaded above), and our live set on wfmu. it's not actually available yet, but it is in production. to hear the toronto set use the link above. the wfmu set is linked from this entry.


cave lp - painkiller 6/collapse 4 - 2004; represses: 2005 & 2007

glacial reign lp - painkiller 13 - 2006; repress: 2007; repress 2009

teenagers 1-sided 7" - painkiller 14 - 2006

  • testpress - 6 copies w/ transparency cover
  • 302 copies w/ fold-over and obi-strip. most of these were freebies for people who ordered the lp and cd of glacial reign. some were sold by themselves or given out by the band. only 1 song on this - a cover of "teenagers" originally by the meat puppets recorded during the glacial reign session.

world unfolds/brought back to life 1-sided 7" - bootleg/unknown label - 2007

  • 100 of these records arrived at my place of residence in may in a box with no return address and with only a short typed letter stating 300 had been made and these 100 were the band copies. the covers are printed on sticker paper, although a few have been found with regular paper covers. these songs were taken from the generations compilation on revelation. according to the bootlegger's note, no one would know, because no one bought that compilation. so far this has proved to be largely accurate as nearly everyone to purchase this has not been aware there were any compilation tracks. there is also a sound clip at the beginning from the nausea song on "the way it is" and one at the end taken from some talking on our summer 2005 demo session. thank you for the free records bootlegger. please send test pressings.

conscious unconscious mlp - clean plate 56 - 2008

  • test press - 12 copies w/ black cover stamped in silver
  • 1st press - 200 orange vinyl (looks gold), 800 black vinyl
  • 2nd press - 500 white vinyl w/ reversed labels

the prodigal son brings death 7" ep - youngblood 29 - 2008

  • 24 test pressings w/ stamped labels
  • 1st press - 200 orange/gold/black swirl, 350 clear, 550 black. lots of mixed colors.
  • 2nd press - 200 red vinyl, 300 black vinyl; no mixed colors. labels are the same.


generations: a hardcore compilation - revelation - 2005

  • we contributed the songs world unfolds and brought back to life to this compilation. as you can see above they've since been bootlegged. there are 500 on blue vinyl and 500 on red as i recall though i don't know if have ever seen the blue.

fucked up mixtape vol.2 - deranged - 2006

  • a cover of "discriminate me" by agnostic front/the psychos/madball was on this. we recorded it during the glacial reign session. not sure how many of these were made. the liner notes for this wrongly attribute our meat puppets cover to dinosaur jr. understandable i guess, they were from massachusetts.

fucked up weekend dvd - ???? 2008

  • several of our songs are found on this via a live set. you can get one for $19 from the label or buy one of the 3 copies the band got. the songs sound like a war between 2 compressors at peak capibilities.