Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer's Almost Gone...

Swordsmen (aka The Whole Fuckin' Crew):

Shit to know (don't know if anyone reads this but...):

- We have a bunch of shows in October including:
  • 10/03/08: w/ RADIO SILENCE book release
  • 10/24/08: w/ Dismember - Sherebrook (CAN)
  • 10/31/08 - 11/01/08: w/ Fucked Up CoCL lp release - Toronto
  • 11/14/08: w/ Walls and maybe Breathing Fire - Boston
  • 11/15/08: w/ Walls and Mens Interest (?) - NYC

- 2 new records out this fall I swear. Art on one by Joe Petagno. Art on everything else by CC

-Breathing Fire lp is OUT. Obliteration 7" is OUT.

choke on it


Anonymous said...

I saw you guys play the knitting factory this summer and it pretty much blew my brain into nothing-ness, this may be one of the only comments, ever. I love everything you guys have released.

Lyndal said...

what are the dates/venues for the toronto shows 31st - 1st? I know there is at least one at sneaky dee's... but is there a siesta nouvou one?