Monday, January 18, 2010

Summer Vacation Plans

Mind Eraser + Slang summer 2010 tour dates:

  • May 27th to the 30th Austin,TX at chaos in tejas fest
  • May 31st OFF
  • June 1st Dallas or Denton,TX
  • June 2nd St Louis,MO
  • June 3rd Milwaukee,WI
  • June 4th Chicago,IL
  • June 5th Ann Arbor,MI
  • June 6th Cleveland,OH
  • June 7th Pittsburgh,PA
  • June 8th Albany,NY
  • June 9th Brooklyn,NY
  • June 10th Boston,MA w/ World Burns to Death and Mind Eraser

tour continues June 11 - 20th with World Burns To Death filling our slot. For those not in the know, SLANG have been a hardcore band from Japan since 1987. This is their first US Tour, come have a look.

Before that:

  • March 13th in Montreal w/ From Ashes Rise
  • March 27 @ United Blood Fest with The Rival Mob and Madball
  • Brutal Supremecy 2 x 7" (almost done)

Also this year:

  • New The Rival Mob 7"
  • New No Tolerance 7"s
  • New Innumerable Forms 7"
  • New Waste Management cassette
  • New Mentally Challenged 12"
  • New Obliteration 7"
  • New Deth Warr cassette


dontgiveafuck said...

hit me up if you would like someone to set up the chicago and/or milwaukee dates for you guys. thanks.

Colin Bayer said...

10000 thanks for coming to chicago, bringing WB2D with you, and SLANG.

i am hoping to also making it down to to Chaos.

Peter said...

When is Mind Eraser gonna hit up Europe?

w/w said...

Hit the north west up.

seeker of the truth said...

come to jersey please, i'll do the show, basement or bar. it'll be cool

w/w said...

West Coast!